BlackMilk Brings Us Spooky Style With The Devil Wears Nylon

BlackMilk Clothing Halloween Collection

BlackMilk Clothing of Australia Presents ‘The Devil Wears Nylon’ – a collection of gorgeously ghoulish digitally printed nylon skirts, skater dresses, body suits, leggings and more for the Halloween Season. Read more

The Most Fantastic Swimsuit I’ve Seen In Years, Shark (JAWS) VS. Mermaid (Ariel).

JAWS vs Ariel swimsuit

Black Milk Clothing of Australia, whose fashions I’ve blogged about a few times, has really hit it out of the park with this hilarious swimsuit – named for obvious legal reasons – Shark vs. Mermaid. Read more

Geek Chic. Tetris Swimsuit and Tetris Leggings for Retro Gaming Fans.

Tetris Swimsuit and Tetris Leggings

I introduced you to Black Milk Clothing of Australia and their fabulous leggings and swimsuits a ways back. Now it’s time for their Tetris Swimsuit and Tetris Leggings! Read more

Hip Leggings and Sci-Fi Swimsuits From Black Milk Clothing.

helvetica leggins from Black Milk
above: The Helvetica leggings are just one of the many cool pieces of printed stretchy clothes from Black Milk.

Black Milk, a line of trendy fashions by James Lillis has been getting a lot of attention lately thanks to a post on Boing Boing which featured the fabulous Artoo and Threepio swimsuits and has resulted in a four week wait for both of the suits shown below. Read more