Baumraum Green Dwelling Has Bonus Tree House

baumraum green dwelling and tree house

Baumraum, best known for their architecturally impressive tree houses, has completed their first full size home which also includes, to no surprise, a fabulous Tree House on the grounds. Read more

More Amazing Arboreal Architecture. Baumraum Tree Houses Part II.

Baumraum Tree Houses
above: Baumraum’s King Of Frogs treehouse at night

When it comes to tree houses in which even the most urban dweller would feel at home, no one tops Baumraum of Germany. Read more

Imagine A "No Girls Allowed" Sign On These: Baumraum Treehouses of Germany

Baumraum Treehouses of Germany

Baumraum, based in Germany, designs and builds treehouses. But not the types of tree houses I grew up with. The are actual arborial dwelling spaces that are nicer than many homes! Various sizes, styles and venues, they build all over the world. Small, large, split level…you name it. And every single one is a sight to behold. Read more