Perverse Plush Toys: Meet Sanchez & Friends

Sanchez & Friends is a new collection of perverse plush toys and accessories recently launched by Andy Tider of Brooklyn, NY and the first four products in the line are now available for purchase, just in time to make for fun shocking stocking stuffers.

If you don’t know the meanings of the names of the following products, I suggest you google them or look up their definitions on Because as hip as this blog is, it’s not as crass as the terms after which these hilarious miniature stuffed toys are named and therefore will not expound upon them to protect the innocent.

Sanchez & Friends are four small felted plush toys named after deviant sexual acts; The Dirty Sanchez, The Golden Shower, The Donkey Punch and The Cleveland Steamer.

The Dirty Sanchez

The Golden Shower:

The Donkey Punch:

The Cleveland Steamer:

At only $10 each, they make great stocking stuffers for your friends- but only those with a sick sense of humor and an open mind. Let’s just hope they don’t come out with an Alabama Hot Pocket.

Buy Sanchez & friends here.