These Paper Flowers by Tiffanie Turner Are Incredibly Lifelike. Until You See Their Size.

paper flowers by tiffanie turner

The artistry of crafting flowers out of paper has become very popular as of late. They make great decorations for weddings, set design, parties, centerpieces, gift wrapping embellishments, fashion accessories, photo shoots or to simply display as a paper sculpture. There are several really talented ones out there. But the paper flowers created by San Francisco based artist, architect and mother Tiffanie Turner will truly blow your mind.

Paper Flowers by Tiffanie Turner


Dahlias, Peonies, Chrysanthemums and Roses that look so real, you’ll be tempted to smell the crepe paper. But these shown here are no little flowers, these are over-sized sculptures measuring an average of 30″ across.

heads 2014 Tiffanie Turner
girl with Dahlia I
above photo by Sarah Deragon

Made with Paper mâché and Italian crepe paper, she deftly turns the materials into intricate semblances of real flowers, only huge.  The following flowers are from her “HEADS” series of 2014.

Peony I 2014 (28″ dia. x 11″ d.)
peony detail

Peony II 2014 (30″ dia. x 13″ d.)
Peony IIb
Peony IIc

Dahlia I 2014 (30″ dia. x 13 1/2″ d.)
Dahlia Ia
Dahlia Ib

Dahlia II 2014 (35″ dia. x 14 1/2″ d.)
dahlia II
dahlia II close up

Peony (with stamen) II 2014 (26″ dia. x 13″ d.)
peony with stamen1
peony with stamen close up

Chrysanthemum I 2014 (24″ dia. x 12″ d.)
chrysanthemum 1
chrysanthemum 2

Chrysanthemum IV 2014 (28″ dia. x 12″ d.)
Chrysanthemum IVb
Chrysanthemum IVc

Tiffanie Turner, as pretty as her flowers:

About the artist (in her own words):

“I am an artist who explores nature and botany in extremely large and sometimes very small scales, in paper. Along with that I am a wife, a mother of two, and a licensed California architect. My work stems from my background as an architect, particularly my interest in how things are made and the use of repetitive elements, along with my lifelong obsession with flowers and botanical drawings. The exploration of scale plays heavily into my work, and the organized chaos and rhythms in nature make excellent case studies for my pieces, which are giant, exploded, out of control versions of the specimens from which they are modeled.

I grew up in New Hampshire, but now work and raise our family in San Francisco, via New York and New Mexico. All of my large scale work is currently created in my home studio, a.k.a. our kitchen. I never sleep, but that’s okay, because I love what I do.” – Tiffanie Turner

Fabulous, aren’t they?
You can keep up with her latest on Instagram: @tiffanieturner

If you’re interested in hiring her, Tiffanie is represented by Blossom Talent

all images courtesy of Tiffanie Turner•Papel SF