Old Cars of Portland Calendar Is A Beauty

For those who appreciate vintage cars and stunning photography, there’s no better gift than this self-published wall calendar by Brian Belefant.

Old Cars of Portland Calendar

One of our picks for the best calendars of 2018, the $23.99 calendar is spiral bound and features 12 rich and sophisticated photos of old cars found in Portland.

Here’s a look:

Brian has this to say about his calendar:
“Portland, Oregon is famous for a lot of things: beer, coffee, wine, guys with beards, girls with beards… One thing they don’t tell you is that the city is lousy with old cars. They’re everywhere. I moved into a new neighborhood almost three years ago and as a way to get to know the place, I started wandering around, taking photos of the old cars and talking to their owners. Three years, and I still haven’t run out. These are some of the shots I like best.”

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