New Terra Sink Design From Gore Design Co. Who Brought Us The Erosian Sink.

Terra sink by gore design IIHIH

Years ago, I shared the stunning Erosian sink made of eco-friendly concrete by Brandon Gore and Gore Design Company. Since then, I have updated info and images of the Erosian Sink as well as a sneak peek at their newest sink, the Terra Sink.

The Erosian Sink
The Erosion Sink is an original design that Brandon Gore has been creating for many years now and I initially featured it on this blog way back in 2007. It has been heralded in many magazines as well as several books. No two sinks are the same, each is completely unique.

updated erosian sink design

Each Erosion Sink is created by hand and completely custom, in all aspects – the shape of the erosion pattern, location of the drain, size and shape of the slab, color, and so on and so forth. This particular Erosion Sink was a challenge due to the permanently cast-in grid-drain.

This California client wanted to wall mount this sink and did not want any plumbing to show below. Brandon has done this a few times in the past, and says this will probably be the last, logistically he prefers a removable drain.

With this particular sink below, the client wished to cover the drain. Gore Design worked with the architect to design a natural solution, a cast concrete stone, that was integrated into the design. The removable stone floats 1/2” above the surface of the sink allowing water to flow uninterrupted below to the concealed drain.

erosian sink

Now, a peek at their newest design, the Terra Sink:

An undulating sink basin of polished concrete sits atop chopped lumber. The hand crafted fabric formed concrete sink was made in four days in the Gore Design Co.’s Artisan Workshop. ( photos by John Romero of Los Angeles).

terra sink

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