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Oh Snap! Now You Can Make Your Own Peel n’ Stick Nail Art.

NailSnaps Custom Nail Art

NailSnaps will turn even the least creative person into an instant Nail Artist. Custom peel n’ stick nail art that you can easily make yourself by uploading photos or art using a free app.  Then, voila!, they arrive at your door, ready to apply.

nailsnaps example 8

NailSnaps Custom Nail Art

The brainchild of Sarah Heering, the NailSnaps app easily creates personalized nail art that’s fun, fashionable and shipped to your door.

NailSnaps Custom Nail Art

Making Them
Creating them is as easy as one, two, three. Literally.

1. Use the easy and free NailSnaps app to turn any photo into custom nail art.


2. Buy your design using the safe and secure app


3. Peel ‘n stick NailSnaps are printed as 20 high-quality nail wraps and shipped to your door in approximately one week. (Free shipping, too!)

nailsnaps in package
arrive by mail

Here’s how easy it is to apply your mani:
1. Choose the size that looks right Regular or Petite (you get both with every order)
2. Peel the wrap from the sheet at the more square side (that’ll get filed off as excess) and stick the round-ish side near but not on your cuticle.
3. Smooth it to your nail to remove any wrinkles or bubbles. The better they seal to your nail, the longer they’ll last.
4. File off the excess length by folding it over your nail tip and filing with soft downward strokes.

Here are some fabulous examples to inspire you:
nailsnaps example 1
nailsnaps example 2
nailsnaps example 3
nailsnaps example 4
nailsnaps example 5
nailsnaps example 6

The design doesn’t have to be a pattern, they can be a portrait as well. Look, here’s some with my boyfriend Ryan Gosling:
ryan gosling nailsnaps

Video walk-through:

The well-designed and free app was even voted one of iTunes best apps for 2014.
itunes-best apps


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