More Contemporary Artists Interpret The Iconic Playboy Bunny in Playboy Redux II.

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the world famous Playboy Club and the Playboy Bunny, artists reinterpreted the sexy icon in Playboy Redux II, an exhibit featuring the work of over 20 of today’s contemporary artists.

above: Hugh with his Playboy Bunnies at the Playboy Club in 1960.

Known at that time for her satin bunny suit, cotton tail and rabbit ears, the Playboy Bunny served cocktails and glamour in equal doses. Many luminaries once worked as Bunnies, including Deborah Harry, Gloria Steinem and Lauren Hutton.

above: the original Playboy Bunnies

Hef and Playboy Bunnies at the opening of the London Playboy Club

Playboy Redux

For Playboy Redux: Contemporary Artists Interpret the Iconic Playboy Bunny, artists were asked to create a new look for the Bunny, a veritable makeover to create the Bunny of the future. The selected artists presented a number of new takes on this iconic image, and works in different mediums including photography, painting, sculpture, drawing and video.

The group show, The “Playboy Redux” exhibition was originally shown at The Warhol Museum in March-June, 2010. Copro Gallery is now exhibiting many of these works along with new ones in “Playboy Redux ll”. This project is part of Playboy’s year-long 50th Anniversary celebration of the Playboy Club and Playboy Bunny. The exhibit is curated by Aaron Baker, Ned West and Copro Gallery.

by Frank Kozik

Graffiti artists, lowbrow artists, cartoonists, photographers, illustrators and sculptors participated including Frank Kozik, Gary Baseman, Tim Biskup, Tara McPherson and Shag to name only a few.

Here are a few of my favorites.

by tara mcpherson
by TIN
by Tim Biskup
by Shag
by Shag
by Shag
by Gary Baseman
by Brian Viveros
by Jennybird Alcantara
by Vincent Cacciotti
by Hiroki Otsuka
by William Wray
by Jeremy Fish
by Erik Alos
by Travis Lampe
by Dave Nestler
by Bob Doucette
by Jeremiah Ketner
by Luke Chueh
by Juan Muniz
by Mark ‘Atomos’ Pilon

You can see some more here and still more here.

PLAYBOY, BUNNY and Rabbit Head Design are all marks of Playboy, ©2010 Playboy