Little Flags Of Awesome – Designers Go Retro for The People’s Pennant.

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Elevating the classic pennant from sports memorabilia to a celebration of the everyday – that’s the concept behind The People’s Pennant.

Retro Wool Pennants

Launched in March of 2012, the Pennant People (Jessica, Tim and Eric of Greenpoint, Brookyln) enlist various graphic designers, typographers and illustrators to create retro wool pennants that are hand-sewn and printed by hand. Made in a limited quantity of 250 each, the pennants measure 12″ x 30″.  And at only $25 a piece, they are fun decor for everything from dorm rooms to offices.

As of now, they have 8 beautiful pennants available for purchase, all shown below.

Coffee Break! by Ken Barber, type director at House Industries.:

Happy Hour by Nathan Strandberg and Katie Kirk of Eight Hour Day:

Blast Off! by Invisible Creature:

Look Closer by Tyler and Elsa Lang of Always With Honor:

Read Much by Heads of State:

Rise & Shine by Richard Perez:

Pizza Time by Mikey Burton:

and their newest, Ride by Brent Couchman:

Here’s a video that gives you a short tour of how the pennants are made:

Sewn and printed by hand, the 70/30 wool felt blend pennants cost $25 each
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UPDATE: The People’s Pennant closed their doors in 2014, but they continue to help other companies, such as Best Made Co., manufacture high-quality flags and pennants.