Indie Brewery and Roastery Offers Trump Putin Summit Beer and Coffee

Rock Paper Scissors, an Indie Brewery and Roastery in Finland has offered some advice in the form of a beer and coffee to help President Donald Trump’s negotiations with Putin at today’s Helsinki Summit. Introducing Let’s Settle This Like Adults Beer and Coffee

Let’s Settle This Like Adults Beer and Coffee

The “Let’s settle this like adults” beer and coffee offers a solution to dead end negotiations. The Kuopio-based (400 kilometers north of Helsinki) microbrewery Rock Paper Scissors celebrates the meeting between President Putin and President Trump in a form of speciality coffee and craft beer.

Despite the fact that neither of these two Presidents likes to drink beer, the brewery decided to make an dry-hopped lager to celebrate today’s summit.

”Naturally we don’t offer this as a first solution for problem solving, but if there is a danger of a dead end, this is guaranteed way to solve issues.” says Samuli Huuhtanen, CEO of RPS Brewing Oy.

”Beer and specially lager beer is very universal drink. We want to offer an opportunity to people world wide to feel the atmosphere of this unique event by having lager beer in their home country.” explains Aki Railanmaa, Brewmaster of RPS.

The Beer

The special edition Rock Lager is single-hopped with Loral to showcase the full profile of the hop. Fresh and grassy tones. Truly an all day, everyday Lager. IBU 20 | EBC 6,0 | ABV 4,7%

The Coffee

The very limited amounts of coffee (160 bags) and beer (10,000 bottles) have been selling since last week, just in time for the summit.

”We’re not sure whether it is these products or are people interested of this solution we are offering, but nevertheless, demand has surprised us big time.” wonders Chairman of the Board of RPS, Janne Seppälä.

They even made T-shirts which they’ve already had to restock.

Get your Tee-shirt here.

Beers and coffees are available as long as they last. The coffee can be purchased online at

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