Knoll Releases 18k Gold-Plated Versions of Bertoia and Platner Vintage Classics

Knoll 18k gold plated vintage classics

Knoll furniture has released 18 karat gold-plated steel finished versions of the classic Harry Bertoia Diamond Chair (in honor of what would be the designer’s 100th birthday) and Warren Platner collection of chairs and tables (in honor of the 50th year anniversary).

Knoll 18k Gold-Plated Vintage Classics


The graceful Diamond Chair is an astounding study in space, form and function by one of the master sculptors of the last century. In honor of the designer’s 100th birthday, Knoll has introduced the classic lounge chair finished in 18k gold.

Bertoia’s Sonambient sculptures also provided the inspiration for the release of the Bertoia Diamond Chair in gold. Knoll Design Director Benjamin Pardo explains the choice through a description of Bertoia’s material preferences. “Harry’s own work was mostly done in beryllium,” Pardo states, “including many of his Sonambient sculptures.”

Ingot of beryllium copper, the alloy favored by Bertoia and inspiration for the Gold Diamond Chair. Photo by Knoll

Beryllium is a copper alloy traditionally used to make non-sparking tools for working with a live current. A metalworker, Bertoia became interested in the material for its relatively low density and high elasticity—50% more elastic than steel—which resulted in unusually fast sound conduction and a consistent tone and timbre. The alloy was well suited for Bertoia’s formal experiments, through which he strove to emulate shapes and sounds of the natural world.

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In 1966 the Platner Collection captured the “decorative, gentle and graceful” shapes that were beginning to infiltrate the modern vocabulary.

Warren Platner Collection, 1966. Image from Knoll Archives

Architect Warren Platner intended the collection to be gold-plated. However, the technology of the time made gold plating in large-scale production impossible, leading to the nickel-plated steel known today. The the 50th anniversary of the Platner Collection, Platner Gold, fulfills Platner’s original wish.

High Dining Table and Chairs:

High and low Tables:
Side Table:

The 18k gold-plated finish, plated in Italy, is available for the Platner Lounge Chair, Platner Arm Chair, Platner Stool, Platner Dining Table, Platner Coffee Table and Platner Side Table.

Easy Chair:
Side Chair:

Coffee Table:
Upholstered stool:

Apart from the connections to the designer’s own practice, Pardo sees the new finish as a reflection of Scandinavian design principles. “In that tradition, glossy metal tones—copper, gold, brass and bronze—are always used in connection with light and reflectivity,” Pardo explains. The application of such a material to Platner’s storied designs affords them a new element of versatility. “They’re both there and not there, depending on how you look at them,” offers Pardo, “they can appear more invisible or more present, depending on the lighting and the environment.”

The launch also extends the Platner Collection’s bronze finish—previously available through Knoll’s retailers and showrooms—to the company’s online offerings.
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all images and information courtesy of Knoll