Jerk Balloons – The Most Festive Way To Insult.

Jerk balloons

These 10″ latex balloons by Shauna Luedtke are set with phrases you won’t find at your local Party Store. Perfect for Haters, Misanthropes, or simply the Jaded and Bitter, Jerk Balloons come as a set of 25 with five different designs.

balloon on car

Each set of 25 comes with five different designs — with varying degrees of jerkiness — and features typefaces by Neil Summerour, Ale Paul, Stephen Rapp, and Mark Simonson. They are made of latex and can be filled with helium or your own hot air.

For only $9, you get five of each of the following:

I hate you (set in Lust Script)
i hate you balloon copy

You stink (set in Seashore Pro)

You are a douchebag (set in Mr Dafoe and Air)
douchebag balloon copy

You’re _____ (set in Coquette)
you're blank balloon copy

I’m the worst. Sorry. (set in Air Compressed and Hiatus)
im the worst sorry balloon copyballoonbundleBuy them here