JARDI Chocolates Handcrafted by Jocelyn Gragg. Wow. And Yum.

Jardi handcrafted chocolates

When it comes to artisanal sweets, Jocelyn Gragg’s of Chamblee, Georgia takes the cake…er, the chocolate. For her JARDI Chocolates, the confectioner uses high end chocolate mixed with amazingly unique ingredients to create some of the most beautiful looking and fabulous tasting chocolates, truffles and chocolate bars.

We’ve blogged about chocolate sculptures and chocolate several times. We shared the Landmarks made of chocolate by Master Mirco Della Vecchia, ChocolaTexture by Nendo and even Chocolate Buttholes from Belgium, but we usually focus on the art, rather than the taste.

JARDI Chocolates by Jocelyn Gragg

JARDI Chocolates Handcrafted by Jocelyn Gragg

JARDI Chocolates by Jocelyn Gragg

With JARDI chocolates, it’s both the aesthetic and the taste that makes these stand out from the rest. The recipient of such awards as Best of Atlanta and The International Chocolate Salon’s Top Chocolate Truffle Artistry Award, these hand crafted treats incorporate such unusual flavors as Bergamot, Whiskey, Sage, Herbs de Provence and Cardamom expertly combined with superior chocolate, ganache, caramel, vanilla and more.

JARDI Chocolates by Jocelyn Gragg

I was sent a sampler box of 12 of their year-round flavors as well as their Tiki Bar to try and honestly, they were so pretty, I felt almost guilty biting into them. (They ship their confections well packed and chilled – they arrived here in Los Angeles on a 90 degree day and were in perfect condition when I opened the box.)

JARDI Chocolates by Jocelyn Gragg

The Sampler Box of 12
JARDI Chocolates by Jocelyn Gragg

Each of the confections in her boxed assortments are the perfect size for one delectable bite.


jardi chocolates flavor chart

I was very impressed. Not only are these beautiful to look at, but the unique blends of flavors were not overpowering, nor were they too sweet. The textures were smooth and creamy and the blending of the flavors allowed a hint of each without too much of any one in particular. Clearly a craft perfected over time.

The Tiki Bar
tiki bar jardi chocolates

The light & fruity chocolate bar is based on a classic Mai Tai. Valrhona’s Almond Couverture forms a delicate almond shell, is filled with a lime and rum white chocolate ganache and accented with a touch of orange flower water.

tiki bar jardi chocolates

Not only was this delicious but the blend and texture of the creamy filling was smooth (no sugar granules) and not one particular flavor overwhelmed another. Instead the balance of ingredients was optimal, providing a not-too-sweet and refreshing chocolate bar.

So, if you want to show up the other guests at any occasion, bring a box of these with you. You’ll be sure to be invited back.

jardi chocolates

There is no brick and mortar store.

JARDI Chocolates can only be ordered online here.

These JARDI Chocolates were sent to us, generously, without any expectations and because we were so impressed we happily blogged about them. Please note we do not feature all items sent to us for review, as much as we might like to!

all photos of JARDI chocolates by ©Laura L. Sweet and are not to be reproduced without permission