Harmonious Design. Virtuoso, The Board Game Of Musical Proficiency.

Virtuoso board game

The Virtuoso board game is a music theory game designed by graphic designer and illustrator Caleb Heisey. 

Virtuoso Board game

The semicircle wooden board with silhouetted instrument icons, game pieces with metallic gold printing and beautifully typeset game cards and rules all fit into an equally attractive box. Players compete against each other by successfully answering trivia questions about music history, composition, listening comprehension, and theory.

Virtuoso is a competitive, yet educational game geared for high school and college musicians to expand their knowledge and show off their skills.

virtuoso board game
board game design

virtuoso board game

images and info courtesy of Caleb Heisey

*This board game is not yet for sale. Caleb is currently looking for a publisher to produce it. The pricing and date of availability are not yet determined. If you would like updates on the progress of the game, shoot him an email at [email protected]