Cogliati Cogliati Bath Has A Clear Design Distinction, Literally.

Cogliati Cogliati sink hero IIHIH

Italian bathroom design company Cogliati…Cogliati had a clearly different point of view on sink and vanity design. And I mean that literally. Their bathroom sinks, basins, vanities and cabinets incorporate modern transparent glass, materials and design.

Cogliati is a trademark of VETRARIA WE WOULD Ltd., a company that has forty years of experience in working with glass in the furniture industry and construction. Cogliati was specifically started in 2005, with designer Giuseppe Viganò at the helm, as a faction of the company to highlight the use of glass materials a new area of business. Original sinks, cabinets, mirrors, faucets and accessories made with their water cutting glass technology and computer design are the result.

Encased in tempered glass, the sinks use materials like stone, concrete, and enamel and are also available with screen-printed glass. Here’s a look at much of the collection.

Day Sinks, enamel encased in glass:

Night A sink, stone in clear tempered glass:

Day sinks in screen printed glass:

Night Pedestal sinks in enamel and glass:

and in screen-printed glass:

Vitrium Glass Sinks:

Vitrium M, made with glass and enamel:

Vitrium A, enamel only:

Drop vanities are made with Murano Glass blown sink bowls:

They also make accessories for the bath, like these wall mounted cabinets and drawer pulls:

drawer pulls:

faucets and mirrors:

Designer Giuseppe Viganò:

See their entire collection here.

City: 20035 LISSONE (MI) – I
Phone: 039 483951
Fax: 039 2456472