The Inundation of Advertising Expressed With What Would Make A Great Ad.

branded dreams

Here’s an animated short meant to illustrate how the pervasiveness of advertising combined with advances in technology is such that, in the future, we may not be able to escape it – even in our dreams. But the irony is that this 2 minute animated piece, Branded Dreams, would really make a great commercial for Coca Cola.

Branded Dreams

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Using imagery associated with Coca-Cola (although they are careful never to mention the brand by name) Studio Smack blends them expertly with nature in a surrealist manner. The piece was commissioned by MOTI (Museum of the Image) and Dropstuff, The Media Network for Digital and Interactive Experiences.

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The piece actually exemplifies what a good job Coca Cola has done with their consistent branding over the years. The bottle shape, the red and white colors, the white ribbon type, their recognizable can, even the bottle caps are engraved in our subconscious after years of exposure. I realize they are playing off of this but that doesn’t exclude the fact that if this were to run on the air, it would most likely be well-received by the public.

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In their words:

“We see ads everyday and everywhere. They have become part of our life. While some people try to avoid seeing ads, advertisers keep finding new ways to reach us. However they are unable to reach us when we sleep. Our dreams are the last safe and add-free place so it seems.

But what happens when advertisers have the possibility to enter our dreams? Based on recent developments in brain science and technology this might be possible in the near future.

This animated short is an impression of a dream manipulated by a brand we all know..” – Studio Smack

Branded Dreams:

Studio Smack makes animations that respond to developments in society; the so-called Design for Debate. Clients include MTV, VARA, VPRO, Greenpeace, Graphic Design Museum, Graphic Design Festival, ON, Festival Mundial, International Film Festival Breda