Blofield Launches Inflatable Stand-up Paddle Boards

Blofield Inflatable Stand-up Paddle Boards

Blofield, the people behind the good-looking and durable inflatable furniture and inflatable spa tub, have just launched portable, inflatable stand-up paddle boards.

Blofield Inflatable Stand-up Paddle Boards

blofield-inflatable-air cruiser paddleboards 1

Blofield Inflatable Stand-up Paddle Boards each hold various weights and are meant for anything from doing yoga to stand-up paddling which is both relaxing and healthy for you.


The new collection of their inflatable stand up paddle boards is composed of ten different size models, which range in size and cost dramatically. Each board comes with a Blofield travel bag, repair kit and pump.

blofield-inflatable-air cruiser paddleboards
Blofield-air cruiser iSup with couple
blofield paddleboards 1 if it's hip, it's here
blofield inflatable paddleboard in pack on back

Air Cruiser (The least expensive in the collection at $1025.00 / €899,00)
air-cruiser-inflatable-stand-up-paddle-board if it's hip, it's here
10’6” x 32”
Dimensions: 320 x 81 cm
Thickness: 120 mm
Volume: 220 L
Max Rider Weight: 100 kg

All ten stand up paddle boards in the collection:
Blofield-inflatable-stand-up-paddle-board-collection if it's hip, it's here

Very Big Air (The most expensive in the collection at $3417.00 / €2.999,00)
very-big-air-stand up paddle board if it's hip, it's here
18’6″ x 60″
Dimensions: 564 x 152 cm
Thickness: 200 mm
Volume: 1250 L
Max Rider Weight: 700 kg
€2.999,00 Incl. tax, buy it here

They offer paddles in several configurations (1, 2 or 3 piece paddles) and materials such as carbon fiber and glass fiber.

Double Action Handpump
blofield hand pump for sup
buy it here

Blofield Travelbag
stand up paddle board travel bag
Designed for the inflatable stand up paddle boards, you can use it as a backpack or trolleybag. Space for board and handpump. With detachable dry-bag.

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