Put Your Best Online Face Forward For Halloween With Emoji Masks.

Emoji Masks

Jon Wheatley and Marshal Haas, the guys behind St.Louis-based needwant, put their heads together to come up with five fun ways to cover yours this Halloween.

emoji masks male female booth IIHIH
emoji mask revolving door

Emoji Masks

A last minute decision, the two of them decided to tackle this side project about a month ago. Wheatley and Haas quickly produced some fun and inexpensive wearable Emoji Halloween masks for the few who don’t wish to be a Slutty Nurse or Twisty the Clown this year. Five fun designs at only $5 a pop ($15 if you buy all a set of all five).

Heart Eyes Emoji Mask:
Emoji Mask 1 IIHIH
Grin Emoji Mask:
Emoji Mask 2 IIHIH
Poop Emoji Mask
Emoji Mask 3 IIHIH
Sly Gy and Smile Emoji Masks:
Emoji Mask 4 and 5 IIHIH

These are not heavy duty expensive masks, but more like cheap, quick, down and dirty fun. The thin masks come with a youth size elastic strap. They will also include a 2nd elastic strap for adults in the pack. The five masks each measure approximately 11″ in diameter, but deliver miles of LOLs.

Emoji Masks all 5 IIHIH

$5 each or all five for $15.00. Buy them here