Beautifully Told Four Minute Tale Introduces Us To Bertha Benz

Bertha Benz Mercedes Advert

Launched on International Women’s Day last Friday, this is yet another commercial celebrating a woman in a traditionally male-dominated field. But this beautifully told tale of the first long-distance journey taken by Bertha Benz in her husband’s new automobile is four minutes of film that will impress anyone, regardless of gender.

Bertha Benz Journey

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Crafted by automotive director and storyteller extraordinaire Sebastian Strasser, Bertha Benz: The Journey That Changed Everything, is the kind of impressive advertisement that has been given the attention to casting, music, set design, costuming and production we usually associate with feature films. Almost every single frame of the four minute short is a beautifully composed image unto itself.

Bertha Benz Journey

The elegantly told tale of Bertha Benz making her first long distance journey in an automobile looks like a Courbet painting come to life. To prove her husband’s invention viable, we watch as Mrs. Benz and her sons travel the 12 hour, 106km journey to her parents home in Pforzheim. During this voyage they have a little engine trouble and have to stop in a small village to purchase ligroin at a pharmacy.

The actress and the real Bertha Benz (1849-1944)
The actress and the real Bertha Benz (1849-1944)

From Washerwoman to Mourner, everyone in the village is in awe:
Bertha Benz Journey

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Bertha Benz Journey

To the small farming village, the mere sight of such an invention, is akin to witchcraft. Add to that Bertha’s poise, technical knowledge and grace and we are left with a portrait of a woman – and a vehicle- that are both powerful.

Sebastian Strasser Bertha Benz: The Journey That Changed Everything

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The Journey That Changed Everything

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Bertha Benz: The Journey That Changed Everything:

Mercedes Benz – Bertha Benz: The Journey That Changed Everything
Company: ANORAK FILM Berlin
Director: Sebastian Strasser
Agency: Antoni
Producer: Cristoph Petzenhauser
Ro Producer: Alex Molea