The Artist Whose Minimalist Trump Became A World Icon

You may not know him by name, but you know Edel Rodriquez’ artwork. His minimalist iterations of an eyeless orange Trump with yellow hair clad in black suit and red tie have become an internationally recognizable icon. Gracing the covers and editorials of TIME, The Economist, Der Spiegel and other magazines worldwide, Rodriquez has effectively […]

Biden Beats Trump and Kamala Harris is First Woman VP!

Spontaneous eruptions of joy have been occurring in the streets this morning. After so much bad news, so much division, hate and anger, we finally opened the paper to see a morning headline that made us smile. No, it didn’t read “Ding Dong, The Witch Is Dead.” although it could have. Instead the New York […]

Feminist and Anti-Trump Art That’s As Fun As It Is Furious.

Like us, Atlanta-based artist and designer Liz Haywood hates Donald Trump. That’s how we found her… we saw a painting of hers shared on Instagram by who else but @wefuckinghateDonaldTrump and simply had to see more. We’re so glad we did because Liz’s original paintings and prints, many of which feature feminist messaging aimed at […]

Living Statues Ironically Celebrate Trump’s Stupidest Decisions

The first installment of three popped up in and around Washington D.C. in mid-July, the second installment of three appeared along Portland’s waterfront yesterday. They look like life-size gold statues depicting some of President Trump’s most divisive decisions, but in reality they are local performers painted gold and are part of commercial director Bryan Buckley’s […]

The Trumps Win When It Comes To Being Presidentially Spooky

To compliment POTUS, FLOTUS and this administration in any way whatsoever is a difficult thing for this liberal blog. We are fundamentally opposed to many of their policies and disgusted by much of their rhetoric. That said, when it comes to decorating the exterior of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. the 54th President, whose own head looks […]

Fabrizio Galli’s Emperor Trump for Italy’s Viareggio Carnival

This year’s Viareggio Carnival Trump Float, the Master Drone, by Fabrizio Galli has captured the attention of the whole world.

This Trump Global Warming Snow Globe Is Hilarious

This has got to be our favorite Snow Globe of the year, and we like snow globes. This hilarious hand painted polyresin snow globe uses President Trump’s actual November 7th, 2012 tweet about Global Warming as the basis for its theme.

Trumpy Bear is Real. And Real Bizarre.

While the ad smacks of an SNL parody sketch, Trumpy Bear is an actual product available for purchase. Snopes-validated, the toy bear with a combover and orange brows was designed as a cuddly homage to the United States’ least cuddly leader. He even has a 28-by-30-inch American flag blanket stored in a zipped pouch inside […]