Baroque Portraits + Candy Wrappers = The Product Project Placement

The product placement project

London-based artist and designer Toby Holmes of the UK’s Little Fish Design explores the connection between Art and Advertising by digitally melding classic painted portraits with candy wrappers and popular snack packaging in his Product Placement Project.

Product Placement Project

Bazooka Josephine, 2020

Titled The Product Placement Project, the ongoing series of digitally created works by Holmes explores the connection between Art and Advertising. His combining Baroque and French Rococo portrait paintings of the aristocratic and wealthy with popular and recognizable food and candy packaging is not truly high concept, but rather little more than eye candy. But what fun eye candy!

Twixie, 2020
A Nice Cuppa Tea, 2020
Original Flavour, 2020
Chupa Chups, 2020

Formal portraits by such artists as Velázquez, Goya, Watteau, Boucher and Fragonard become humorous when the lush gowns are made from bubble gum wrappers and candy bar waste as opposed to stiff silks and satins. Adding to the silliness, the heads and wigs of the subjects are topped off with fun little hats.

Pringles, 2020
Atomic Fireball
Atomic fireball (detail)
French’s (detail)
Saucy, 2020
Del Monte Peas

Shown at top:

Skittles, 2020

For this post I’ve shared with you the images that use predominantly American products, but he has even more that incorporate British food and candy products, so be sure to check them all out.

Our Favorite Sweets

The smile-inducing images make for surprisingly appealing pop-surrealistic art prints that are available through either the Little Fish Design Etsy store or through Artrepublic.

images courtesy of the artist’s Instagram and Etsy store

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