Beauer Expandable Caravans Are Cute and Surprisingly Capacious.

Beauer, the French recreational transport vehicle company, has a line of caravans (or trailers) that expand to twice and thrice their towing size when parked. The cute mobile vehicles turn into mobile homes for camping, exploring and living.

Good Design For The Great Outdoors: Nest Caravans

This new stylish compact travel trailer is the brainchild of Robert Johans. After years of experience with both RV designing and camping, he was inspired to create the Nest caravan, a 17′ long and 6’8″ wide, 2000 lb. light-weight, easy to maneuver, monocoque chassis trailer.

The Urban Campsite’s Coolest Caravan, The Marquis by Eduard Bohtlingk.

Annette van Driel and Francis Nijenhuis are the initiators of The Urban Campsite, a campsite where camping and art come together for six weeks a year. From August 16 to September 30, 2013 Urban Campsite (located on the Vliegenbos campsite in Amsterdam) has one of a kind, artistic, unusual and sometimes just crazy mobile facilities […]

Mehrzeller – Trailer You Can Tailor! Modern Cellular Caravan Design With Configurator

the press release: Mobility and living on the move are very important themes of our fast-moving age. People want to be mobile but at the same time, have a strong desire for a lasting home and their own personal four walls. In the camper market there is strong demand for new design and personalized, tailor-made […]

A Trailer You’d NEVER call Trash! Tabbert’s Paganini Caravan

In the last few years the Tabbert brand has undergone repositioning and has clearly rejuvenated its corporate image. With the luxe Paganini, their designers, developers, and product managers have created a new standard in the category. In the Paganini, Tabbert combines automotive design with innovative technology and quality to result in a trailer that’s anything […]

Enough is Enough. It’s Time To Take Action.

We usually don’t discuss politics seriously on this blog, but we cannot stand what is happening in this country. At the risk of losing some of our readers, we are taking a stand. It’s no secret that this is a liberal blog. We’ve poked fun at President Trump too many times to count. But the […]

Raiders Of The Lost Darth. Another Movie Mashup from Fabrice Mathieu.

French director/screenwriter/operator/editor Fabrice Mathieu is at it again, like his Darth by Darthwest trailer, he has taken two popular films and digitally composed them to appear as one seamless trailer with his newest movie mashup, Raiders Of The Lost Darth.

Rolls Royce’s Eight Greatest Phantoms – 45 Photos

Rolls-Royce has announced ‘The Great Eight Phantoms’ – A Rolls-Royce Exhibition that promises to deliver ‘A gathering of the greatest Phantoms in history.’ Rolls Royce has just revealed which eight iconic luxury cars will be included. And we’ve got them all here for you.