Dynasty Meets Independence Day. Zuhair Murad’s Fireworks Embellished Couture.

Zuhair Murad Fireworks Couture

One of the world’s most spectacular fireworks displays, The annual Miyajima Water Fireworks Festival, did more than just ellicit ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ from the audience last year. It inspired fashion designer Zuhair Murad’s 2017 Spring Summer Couture Collection, Fires Waltz.

Zuhair Murad’s Fireworks Embellished Couture

photo by @nickkrasznai & @justinelee425

Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad is known for his Red Carpet gowns and ornate Bridal wear. Several pieces in his 2017 SS Couture Collection of eighties-inspired silhouettes (sweeping skirts, oversized shoulder accents, giant bows and ornate decorative beading and embroidery) are embellished with shimmering fireworks. A little Dynasty-Meets-Independence-Day, the handiwork and craftsmanship in theses pieces are almost as breathtaking as real fireworks displays.

Zuhair Murad Spring/Summer 2017 – Fires Waltz

Below is the collection as described by the designer:
A journey to Japan inspired Zuhair Murad’s Spring-Summer 2017 Couture collection, in particular the spellbinding fireworks the House founder and artistic director witnessed on the island of Miyajima.

above photo of the Miyajima Water Fireworks Festival by Daisuke K

An explosion of coloured light cloaked with the darkest night, then reflected in the shadowy waters below.

This is the harmony, the silken thread, running throughout the collection.

Delicately re-embroidered Swarovski Crystals become incandescent filaments lighting up a jade taffeta creation sensually enveloping around the body.

The waves lapping the island are transformed into organic draping; knotting and pleating poetically figure the foamy breakers. The colours are natural, only more intense: moss green, fiery red, pink fuchsia, boldly contrasted with consummate skill.

The sky, crackling with Lurex electricity, or in soie perlée, adorns, here a slip dress, there a corseted ball gown.

For a contemporary twist, a nod in the direction of the eighties delivers a more angular structure, with bouffant sleeves, coattails, and DJ details richly decorated with beads.

The coming-together of the natural and the modern – timelessly elegant, opulently contemporary: such is the 2017 couture of Zuhair Murad

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