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Colorful Imagined Citiscapes by Miguel Angel Iglesias Fernandez

Imagined Citiscapes by Miguel Angel

Artist Miguel Fernandez (known as Miguel Angel 미구엘 앙헬 in Korea), and whose full name is Miguel Angel Iglesias Fernandez, uses acrylics to create graphic-looking paintings of colorful imagined citiscapes.

Imagined Citiscapes

The artist with one of his pieces, image courtesy of facebook

The imagined citiscapes by Miguel Angel are like an urban utopia in their perfection. Organized and structured, they consist of windowless high rises and homogenous buildings of various heights rendered from high vantage points.

The geometric blocks of color almost appear as landscapes. The contrasting rooftops and definitive shadows of his imaginary urban centers play with space and illusion, giving the work a sense of movement and expansion.

He’s played with both monochromatic and multicolored palettes ranging from muted to vibrant, and they all manage to achieve a sense of harmony, much like the artist’s unexpected but optimistic view of rapid urbanization and its diversity.

The artist says that the shape of the buildings represents his perception of reality and reason, and believes that colors, like people, change and depend on those around them.

Some are painted as if directly overhead; others are rendered as if viewed from a lower angle, with a glimpse of a horizon.

Miguel Angel at Korea’s Gallery Yah

About the Artist:

The artist at work

Miguel Angel Iglesias Fernández was born in 1971 in Paris to Spanish immigrants, Miguel Angel Iglesias Fernández moved to Barcelona to study fine art at Massana Fine Arts School and graphic design at IDEP. After his studies, he relocated to New York, where the work of abstract expressionism, in particular that of Mondrian and Rothko, had a strong influence on his work. Miguel then returned to Spain where he currently lives and works.

You can find his work at the following galleries:

Blankspace Gallery
Gallery Yeh
Miguel Angel on Facebook

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