Pizza Lovers (and Makers) Lives Will Get Easier Come Spring.

the pizza box spatula

You’ll have to file this under “why didn’t I think of that?” since someone else already has. The patent pending Pizza Box Spatula from ICS Ventures is a smart idea for both Pizza Lovers and Pizza Makers.

The Pizza Box Spatula

Pizza eaters no longer need to attempt to salvage that yummy melted cheesy piece -half stuck to the bottom of the box- with their fingers or search their kitchen drawers for a spatula to dirty.

With the new Pizza Box Spatula, a piece of pizza is easily extracted from the pie. No muss, no fuss and nothing to wash.

One of the newest products from the patent portfolio of ICS Ventures is a foldable cardboard spatula that is available in one of two ways.

The spatula can be integrated into the actual lid of the pizza box or is available as a separate branded product in a dispenser box.

An example of the possible customizations on the spatula

To inquire for your company, visit Pizza Box Spatula here

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