Ready, Aim… Frame. Bullet Casing Portraits of Lennon, Lincoln, Kennedy and Others.

Bullet Casing Portraits

Another artist who has found a way to use ammunition in his work, David S. Palmer, joins the ranks of these talented folks about whom I’ve written; Al Farrow uses bullets in his amazing reliquaries, Unearthen makes stunning jewelry of bullet casings and gems, Jason Clay Lewis has a series of engraved bullets and artist Walt Creel uses bullet holes to create his artwork.

Bullet Casing Portraits

Artist David Palmer with his Lennon portrait made of bullet casings.

So what does David do with bullets? He uses spent bullet casings to create portraits of heroes, most – not all- of whom were actually felled by bullets.

above: David uses a torch to place the finishing touches on the Tupac portrait.

A contemporary artist, David S. Palmer was born in Knox, Indiana in 1953 and studied fine art at Ball State University. In 1976 moved to Laguna Beach, California where he is now represented by Lu Martin Galleries.

John Lennon:

above: John Lennon, “Peacemaker” 4ft x 4ft., mixed media/bullet casings

John F. Kennedy:

above: John F. Kennedy, “The Proud American” 41″ x 31″, mixed media/bullet casings

Abraham Lincoln:

above: Lincoln, “Dark Days, Dark Times”, 38″ x 38″, mixed media/bullet casings

Tupac Shakur:

above: Tupac Shakur, “Angels With Broken Wings”, 29″ x 39″, mixed media/bullet casings

John Wayne:

above: John Wayne, “The Duke” 36″ x 36″, mixed media/bullet casings

A late addition, because I love it. His bullet casing portrait of Vincent Van Gogh:

Images are all from the artist’s site.

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