Promoting Mask-Wearing With Art by 18 Talented Artists

promoting mask wearing with art

Although there shouldn’t be any, there’s been a lot of controversy over the wearing of masks as PPE (personal protection equipment) to help protect people from contracting or spreading Covid-19. Despite the recommendations of just about every accredited scientist and medical professional, contentious examples of people who indignantly refuse to wear one are recorded on mobile phones and uploaded to twitter and instagram daily. Maybe some of these stunning examples of activist art promoting the wearing of a mask will help convince the uninformed.

Promoting Mask-Wearing With Art

In response to the devastating effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic, a new online Art Community named “Amplifier” was created. The site was designed to give anyone a chance to make artwork that can help lead to real and meaningful change. Having launched an emergency “Open Call” for for symbolic imagery related to COVID-19 depicting mental health, well-being, and social change, the site received hundreds of submissions.

Masked Crusader by Tes One

Ranging from digital art to graphic design to  paintings, several submissions expressed the precautions we’ve been urged to take by healthcare professionals: “Stay At Home”, “Wear A Mask”, “Practice Social Distancing” and “Wash Your Hands.” Others concentrated on the emotional aspects of isolation, fear and confusion.

Hope Is All Some Of Us Have Left by De Nichols

We combed through hundreds of submissions and because there were so many good ones, we focused on those promoting the wearing of a mask and chose to share our favorites.

Breathe trio by Damien Cifelli
Masks Save Lives by Nana Izique
Masks Save Your Lives by Thu Nguyen Minh
Let’s Take A Selfie by Astha Chand
Deviants, Rednecks and Loners by Erin King
Stay Safe, Mask Up by Javier Sanchez
Stay Home Stay Safe by Marija Staneviciute
Save Lives, Wear A Mask by Carlos Rancano
Not All Heroes Wear Capes by Anna Anderson
Make Masks by Daniel Barbosa
Stay Apart So We can Bloom Together by Lucas Pastorfield
Mask Power trio by Oznur Soylem
Eye Say by Otts Bolisay
We. Ours. Rhiannon Danborn
Value The Vulnerable by Christian Rincon
Hate Is A Virus by Hana Thomas

In solidarity with their global community of artists, they awarded $1,000 apiece to 60 artists, with the winning works announced each week last April. The artworks will be distributed widely, both online and in the physical locations where they are needed most. All art selected by the jury will also be made available as free downloads for anyone to print and share.

The crowd-sourced Covid-19 campaign was a chance to make work that will be inspire us all to stay strong, safe, and united.