Pandemic Loteria Is Here And It’s Mucho Bueno.

Pandemic Loteria game

We’ve been chomping at the bit for a Coronavirus-related game and thankfully artist Rafael Gonzalez Jr. has come to the rescue with his pandemic-themed version of the Mexican bingo game, Loteria. The tongue-in-cheek version alters the game’s original iconography and replaces it Covid-19 related ones drawn by Rafael. The Texas-based artist’s version of Pandemic Loteria includes 37 cards, 10 boards and is available for purchase.

Pandemic Loteria Game

The COVID-19 pandemic–themed cards help bring a smile to a serious situation. Recreated to fit in with the traditional style, the cards include everything from Hand Sanitizer to Dr. Fauci. Below are a few examples for you.

For $29, Pandemic Loteria includes 37 cards (he had made a previous version with 30 cards) and 10 boards.

Buy the full Pandemic Loteria Game here

Rafael Gonzalez Jr.

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