Modern Porcelain Christmas Ornaments For a Truly White Christmas.

Modern Porcelain Christmas Ornaments

I just love the simplicity of these beautifully modern porcelain Christmas Ornaments. Handcrafted by Kina Gorska of Kina Ceramic Design, they add a touch of elegance – or whimsy – to your Christmas tree, depending upon which you prefer.

Modern Porcelain Christmas Ornaments by Kiva Ceramic Design

above: Kina’s products are made of high quality of porcelain that go through three firings: bisque firing, high firing and decoration firing

These modern baubles are custom handcrafted from fine porcelain and polished to perfection. The luminous exterior glows when hung on the tree or even an archway decked out in pine branches. The minimalist designs makes them universal. Whether it’s one of her four little ‘monsters’ or is decorated with Christmas cross-stitching (which refers to traditional Polish embroidery), winter branches, a regal peacock, illustrated elk, stars or sculpted.

Winter Branch Ornaments:

Peacock Ornament:

The Monster Ornaments:

Other Ornaments:

The ornaments measure 9cm in diameter and range from $12.99 to $17.99 USD each. Limited edition. Each comes with a silver or gold cap and ribbon.
Shop for these limited edition Christmas Ornaments at her etsy shop here.

Kina is a graduate of the Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw (Poland) and is a prolific ceramic designer with many wonderful items available for purchase. Spiky Mugs, Faucet Mugs, Fingers Mugs, Ant Bowls,Toe Bowls or Speech Balloon Plates are just a few. See more at her website here

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