Pasta Grande Kitchen Tools For The Italian Foodie

Pasta Grande Kitchen tools

The Pasta Grande Kitchen Tools created by Israeli designer Avichai Tadmor for Monkey Business make a useful and fun gift for the Italian cook or food-lover.

Pasta Grande Kitchen Tools

Shaped like various pastas, the silicone accessories can be purchased separately or in a set. Not only useful for any cook, but beautifully packaged so they make a great gift for even the most discriminating.

Farfalloni Pot Grips:
Farfalle shaped silicone for gripping hot handles in the kitchen.

Ravioli Spoon Rest:
Cushion your cooking spoon on this oversized Ravioli pocket. Keeps your worktop clean and adds a sprinkle of Italian magic to your cooking area.

Penneli Garlic Peeler:
Peel garlic cloves quickly and easily by rolling them in the oversized penne tube.

Malfaldine Elastic Bands
Another playful Pasta product are the Malfaldine elastic bands which can be used in place of rubber bands to secure bags and packages. Dimensions of each: 9x9x1.4cm each

The Pasta Grande Boxed Set:

The boxed set includes 1 set of Farfalloni pot grips (2 units), 1 Ravioli spoon rest, 1 Penneli garlic peeler, & 3 Mafaldine elastic bands to keep your kitchen in order – Italian style.

Made of silicone, all the Pasta Grande items are easy to keep clean and care for.

Purchase the entire boxed set here
Buy only the Farfalloni Pot grips or Holders here
Buy only the Ravioli spoon rest here
Buy only the Penneli Garlic peeler here
Buy only the Malfadine Elastic Bands (6) here

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