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Jessica Clark-Bojin’s Pie Portraits and Pie Art

Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin thinks Pies are Awesome and she’s made it her mission to prove that the good ol’ homemade dessert can go head-to-head with the most impressive wedding cake designs or elaborate confections.

Here’s a look at some of her very impressive baking skills.

Jessica Clark-Bojin’s Pie Portraits and Pie Art

Harry Potter pies (Harry, Hermoine and Ron Weasley)

If Pinterest and Instagram have taught us anything it’s that impressively crafted desserts and artful confectionaries are as appealing to people as some of the world’s best known art, making bakers and craftsman as revered as any gallery-repped artist.

Jessica Clark-Bojin’s Calvin and Hobbs pie

We’ve shared with you lots of impressive edible art from Gingerbread to Carved Fruit & Veggies, Oreo Art to Designer Ice Cream Cakes but this is our first pie post!

Betty White pie by Jessica Clark-Bojin
Lunar New Year Pie by Jessica Clark-Bojin
Peter Max-inspired pie to celebrate Pride month by Jessica Clark-Bojin
Inspired by the animated Adventure Time by Jessica Clark-Bojin

Celebrity Pie-traits

Artist Makes Celebrity Portraits From PiePosted by NowThis Food on Saturday, April 21, 2018

Not only does she create impressive looking pie art, but she’s got helpful pie tutorials, sells her own pie guides.

A pie inspired by one of her favorite album covers by Jim Flora in 1955, Mambo For Cats (shown below), by Jessica Clark-Bojin

Pie Guides:
Her Pie Guides were first brought to the public via a successful Kickstarter campaign back in October of 2016. They are 8″ diameter flexible food-safe stencils featuring cheeky and geeky subject matter that allow anyone – from baking novice to pie god – to create sophisticated and fun pie crust designs quickly and easily.

Lastly, Jessica’s Self-Pietrait:

You can read more about Jessica Clark Bojin’s professional background, pie baking methodology, and personal inspirations at https://creatorsvancouver.com/jessica-clark-bojin/

And her new book is now available for pre-order!

Pies Are Awesome

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