The 10 Most Impressive TV & Movie Inspired Gingerbread Houses

TV & Movie Inspired Gingerbread Houses

As is too often the case, I think I’ve written something unique for my readers and Buzzfeed beats me to the punch by 12 hours. They happened to have posted the exact same subject as this, titled “13 Epic Gingerbread Houses Inspired By Your Favorite Movie And TV Shows.” While we have several of the same shows represented, we only share one gingerbread creation. And these are more impressive. Look for yourself.

TV & Movie Inspired Gingerbread Houses

Game of Thrones:

above: As part of the 2015 Taste of London festival, cake designer and sugar artist Michelle Wibowo created a gingerbread model of King’s Landing, the capital of the Seven Kingdoms from Game of Thrones. Unbelievable.
the above photos are courtesy of Michelle Wibowo and HBO and have been color corrected and, in some cases, cropped by if it’s hip, it’s here

Harry Potter:

above: Britta built this beautiful gingerbread castle replica of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from the Harry Potter series. See more pictures in her gallery here

above: Another Hogwarts in gingerbread worth noting is this one by Cherry Bay Cakery.

Star Trek:

above: A gingerbread recreation of the USS Starship Enterprise from “Star Trek,” created by Blackmarket Bakery even has a tractor beam of candy canes!  On display at the bakery’s shop in Costa Mesa, CA

Breaking Bad:

above: This gingerbread scene from Breaking Bad by Imgur user danhaga nails the mobile meth lab, has the blue crystals, licorice barrels of cash and a body pinned under the RV.

Downton Abbey:

Martha Stewart’s still the queen of craft. She and her team created this edible homage to Downton Abbey and it is incredibly impressive. Watch the “Making Of Gingerbread Abbey” video here


The Bates Motel made entirely of gingerbread by Brad Cerenzia was something I just stumbled upon when browsing flickr. So glad I did. It’s scary good. See more images here

Doctor Who:

There are tons of Tardis Gingerbread sculptures out there.  Despite the fact that this one isn’t technically ‘Tardis Blue’. they did such a nice job with the icicles and Christmas decor that I chose to include it. Unfortunately I can’t find the talented baker who created it.  PS. Domestic Sluttery (how great is that name?) has a tutorial on how to make your own Tardis out of gingerbread here

The Lord Of The Rings:

above: A Hobbit hole straight from The Shire would make even JRR Tolkien proud.  By reddit user Gluverty. See more images here

The Shining:

above: This Gingerbread version of the Overlook Hotel from the Shining by Michelle McElroy has nonpareils as roof tiles and a little candy rock wall and sugar windows. It even has the maze from the movie made of gummy candy.

It’s the time of year when Gingerbread House Competitions abound and impressively iced Christmas cookies flood the internet. If you want to see some more eye-popping and mouth-watering baked goods, go browse Pinterest for Christmas Cookies or Gingerbread Houses. The number of talented bakers, both professional and amateur, are astounding and I wish I could feature all of them.

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