What A Burn. The Impeachment Scented Candle.

The Impeachment hearings began yesterday. Watching them may not be as painful or boring an experience with the proper ambiance and the Impeachment scented candle by JD and Kate Industries of Missouri may just be the necessary accessory.

Impeachment Scented Candle

JD and Kate Industries make candles. But not just your ordinary, humdrum, scented pillar…no way, these candles are clever, captivating and on point. You’ll have so much fun reading the containers you may never even get around to lighting them.

Kate has a background as a former comics editor at the Washington Post, and J.D. is a former congressional staffer, PR flack and lobbyist, but these days they restrict their activities to candle making and humor writing (they recently published Hottest Heads of State: Volume I: The American Presidents).

They have a slew of politically-inspired candles, but most timely is The Impeachment Scented Candle, a hand-poured 16 oz candle scented with Peach and Mint.

A spinning wheel atop the candle’s cover provides helpful impeachment tips.

The product description, written by JD and Kate, as it reads on Amazon:
Do you smell a whiff of impeachment in the air? Hopefully yes. Mainly for the sake of the republic, but also because it means that you’ve bought our amazing new Impeachment-Scented Candle!

Studies have shown that it’s often the anticipation of an event, rather than the event itself, that brings you happiness. That’s why we think you’ll enjoy the Impeachment-Scented Candle. It offers a flicker of hope for when you need it. And, for days when you need more than just a flicker of hope, the lid features a spinner with ideas for actual, small steps you can take toward making America great again (but, you know, for real this time).

In real life, an impeachment smells like printer toner and sweaty congressional interns sprinting around Capitol Hill. But that’s not what this candle smells like. What DOES it smell like? We’ll give you a hint – it combines two scents that you can spell with the letters in the word “impeachment.” But which two? Peach and mint? Catnip and cement? Paint and mice? You’ll just have to buy it to find out!

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About JD and Kate Industries
We are a married, semi-professional humor writing team, with the websites Hottest Heads of State and JD and Kate Industries, and a book on the U.S. presidents being published in February, 2018. Kate is a former comics editor at the Washington Post, and J.D. is a former congressional staffer (ugh), PR flack (ugh) and lobbyist (double ugh), but these days we restrict our activities to candle making, humor writing, and trying to convince our kids to only eat their boogers in private. A while back, it occurred to us that it would be pretty funny if there were a Vladimir Putin-scented candle, so we taught ourselves how to make candles, and we made one. And the rest is history. A history of our house constantly smelling like Vladimir Putin, of our basement being taken over by barrels of wax and bottles of fragrance oil, and our kids growing increasing neglected. (Sorry, kids!)

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