iBride Launches Zoomorphic Furniture

Animal-shaped furniture
We knew it wouldn’t be long before another company jumped on the flat-packed animal furniture designs once we saw these awesome animal furniture pieces from China. Sure enough, iBride Design of France has come out with their own flat-packed wood collection of animal shaped furniture designed for the brand by Benôit Convers.

iBride Zoomorphic Furniture

Made in France, Convers’ iBride Zoomorphic Furniture is a sculptural tribe of shelving, consoles, desks, stools and lamps allow you to bring a veritable zoo of furniture into your home that is both fun and functional.

The flat-packed pieces are made of high pressure laminate and assemble fairly easily.

Wild and domesticated animal shapes bring the exterior indoors in the form of bear bookshelves, ostrich console tables, donkey desks, mountain goat wall shelves, Duck lamps and Dog Stools which can blend into interior landscape of the your home as much or as little as you’d like.

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