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Freeways and Overpasses: An Artist’s Muse, Part II

Freeways and Overpasses
Ben Aronson’s Closed Ramp, Westside Highway

There has been such an ongoing interest in a post I did months ago, called “Freeways and Overpasses; An Artist’s Muse”  that it’s time for Part II.

Freeways and Overpasses: An Artist’s Muse, Part II

Clearly this subject matter continues to inspire artists all over the world, regardless of style, medium, or execution. I could seriously dedicate a blog to this subject alone, but for now, this second series will have to suffice.

By the way, these posts are my personal favorite posts to write and compile, but they take weeks, even months … so I cannot do them as frequently as I’d like.

The following pieces are all beautiful and timeless. Both serving as a record of human technology, evolution and transportation as well as contemporary landscapes. The following works are glimpses of the world as it stands today, with freeways as ‘escape routes’ and overpasses as ‘architecture’.

Because the last post was so well-received I have tried to include as many as I could find- within reason of course, in this one. Some of the following paintings are available, some are not, but all are worth admiring.

In the photo realism style:
The Paintings of Danny Heller:

above: “Suburbia Freeway #1” by Danny Heller

above: Danny Heller’s “Suburbia Freeway #2”

above: Danny Heller’s “Nightscape #1”

The Work of Patricia Chidlaw:

above: Patricia Chidlaw’s “Westbound Freight”

above: Patricia Chidlaw’s “Railroad Bridge”

above: Patricia Chidlaw’s “Overpass”

The Work of Anna Conti:

above: Anna Conti’s “Steel Forest”

above: Anna Conti’s “Metamorphosis”

The work of Stephen Dolmatch:

above: “Evening Westside Highway”

above: “Tilted Swirl”

above: Unknown title, Stephen Dolmatch

Stephen Hicks’

above: Stephen Hicks’ “16th and 10th ave”.

above: Hicks’ “Prospect & Washington”

above: Eileen David’s “Lefty #9”

above: Peter Nye‘s “280 Overpass” (sold)

above: Tom Birkner‘s “Ironbound”

above: Bill Mosely‘s “SR-125”

above: Nicholas Evans Cato‘s “Tiger Stripe”

above: Thomas Germano‘s “Underbelly”

Looser and more painterly interpretations, but equally as fabulous:

The work of William Wray:

above: William Wray’s “134”

above: William Wray’s “LA ”

The work of David Shevlino:

above: David Shevlino’s “Exit”

above: Shevlino’s “Evening headlights”

above: David Shevlino’s “Onramp”

The work of Tom Brown:

above: Tom Brown’s Freeway paintings from daily painters

Stephen Coyle’s Work:

above: Coyle’s Big Dig Beginning

above: his Rearview Nightmare

above: Coyle’s March 3rd

above: “Onramp” by Nathan Bond

above: George Nick‘s Route 93 and VW van

above: Chris Greco

above: Eileen David’s Under The FDR

above: David Wells Roth’s “Route 80”

above: David Wells Roth‘s Overpass

and his “Under Mass Ave”

above: Doug Braithwaite‘s “Wall Avenue”

and Doug Braithwaite‘s “Hunter Gatherers”

above: unknown title, by Jon Rader Jarvis

above: Scott Yeskel’s LA #8

above: Scott Yeskel’s Los Angeles, 2002

above: Craig Stephen’s “Freeway Palm”

above: Stephen Magsig’s Shadows, from his fabulous Postcards from Detroit series

Below are more graphic representations:

by Elizabeth O’Reilly :

above: Elizabeth O’Reilly’s Afternoon Light

and her Expressway At Night

above: Gowanus Expressway By Night

and Ron Milewicz:

above: Citiwide Morning by Ron Milewicz

above: his Woodside Station

above: Sharilyn Neidhardt‘s Sunset Bridge

By the way, several of these painters are represented by (and their works are available from) the following galleries:
The George Billis Galleries.
The Chelsea Art Galleries
DFN Gallery
The Paul Theibaud galleries
online at The Daily Painters Gallery

I’m sure I have inadvertently omitted hundreds of other freeway and overpass paintings. So, maybe there will be a part III!

Did you miss Part I of Freeways and Overpasses: An Artist’s Muse? See that here

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