Marble Sculptures To Blow Your Mind By Fabio Viale.

Fabio Viale marble sculptures

Like many a famous Italian sculptor before him, Fabio Viale works in marble. Chipping away, polishing, bringing life to a block of rock. Unlike many a famous Italian sculptor, Fabio’s marble pieces look like styrofoam, rubber tires (tyres), paper airplanes, popcorn and even a modernized David, tatts and all.

Fabio Viale Marble Sculptures

The impressive trompe l’oeil effects he gets from marble will blow your mind.

While other sites like jailbreak collective and Today and Tomorrow have done a nice job sharing a few of his pieces – particularly his styrofoam-like Mona Lisa, skull and the making of video and literal launch of his all marble canoe/ boat, I’d like to share some of his other work that I find fascinating as well.

Black sculpted marble that looks like tire tread and tires (tyres):

White sculpted marble that looks like popcorn:

White sculpted marble that looks like paper:

Giant white marble balloon:

Classic Greek and Italian marble sculpture with added tattoos.
Kouros with tatts:

Pieces from Michaelangelo’s David, with tatts:

And, of course his carved marble pieces, in the likeness of the Mona Lisa and a skull, that emulate styrofoam:

Fabio Viale exhibit photos courtesy of lifthin. Images courtesy of the artist and Gagliardi Art System and flickr