EXTRA Gum Launches 2.5 minute ad “For When It’s Time”

EXTRA GUM post pandemic ad

There have been a few –and there will be undoubtedly more– advertising that references “reentry’ into society now that the pandemic is waning. But I’m not sure we’ll see a funnier and more touching spot than the UK’s 2.5 minute EXTRA Gum post-pandemic ad “For When It’s Time”

EXTRA Gum post-pandemic ad

The long form commercial imagines a post-pandemic world for the millions who’ve been denied human contact for over a year.

Once allowed to see people again, eager individuals rush to get outside, off of Zoom meetings and into the arms of others, hooking up with the first other living beings they see.

Tagged with We could all use a fresh start the brand has tapped into our universal need to touch and be touched. Or to get laid after a year in isolation, depending upon the way you look at it.

So how better to prepare yourself for the saliva-swapping onslaught than to have fresh breath?

It’s refreshing that the solution to the problem is the actual product. The obvious hyperbole was a smart way to communicate the importance of fresh breath and to make us laugh while doing so. Bravo.

The ad was created with Energy BBDO and is part of Extra’s ‘Get Your Ding Back’ campaign, which focuses on helping Brits regain their confidence and enthusiastically embrace 2021, despite suffering through 2020.

a shoutout to Ellen November for bringing this great ad to our attention

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