Designing A Typeface Made of Real Plants For A Vegetable Margarine.

designing a font made of plants

The relaunch of the Deli Reform brand focuses on the high quality of their vegetable margarine, its natural ingredients and its positive effect on a healthy diet. The Deli Font typeface, specially designed by Dusseldorf agency coincidentally named “Butter”, for a headline-based ad campaign, demonstrates purity and simplicity by using typography based on real plants. Every single letter was made from a photograph of real plants.

Designing a Font Made of Plants

For later communications, they expanded the typeface to offer everything else needed for a complete font:

Here’s a video of the making of the new typeface, The Deli Font, for the Deli Reform brand.

More examples of the font in use, albeit with mediocre headlines, at best:
Do something good for yourself.

Deli Reform makes freshbread even fresher.

Deli reform delights your mouth.

The Deli Font [Typeface]
client: Walter Rau Lebensmittelwerke GmbH, Hilter
design: BUTTER. GmbH, Düsseldorf
chief creative officer: Frank Stauss
creative direction: Patrick Hampel
photography: Jochen Arndt
styling: Nici Theuerkauf
account management: Sabine Bülow
production: Kathrin Wilde