Burberry Land Art by Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada? Check.

Burberry Check Land art

Volcanic grounds in the Canary islands and a Meadow in South Africa’s Cape Overberg area have been well accessorized as of late. Appearing to be draped in the classic Burberry Check, a status symbol amongst the sartorial set, the regions have been transformed by land artist Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada for the Burberry brand.

Burberry Check Land Art

Burberry launches the latest in their landscapes series (we shared a previous one with you here). Two land art installations by artist Jorge Rodriguez Gerada honor the brand’s heritage while demonstrating a commitment to responsible future practices.

Elsie’s Voyage and Betty’s Landing Place are new immersive earth works created in collaboration with Burberry’s global creative community in the Canary Islands and South Africa, respectively.

 Burberry Check Meadow
The Burberry Check Meadow, image: Burberry
burberry check land art
Burberry Check land Art in The Canary Islands, image: Burberry

The two unique landscapes are embellished with renditions of the famous Burberry Check created with milk-based paints that fade away with wind or water and/ or indigenous flowers. Naturally crafted and carefully removed to leave no mark, they represent an ode to the brand’s past, present and future.

Elsie’s Voyage

Eco-friendly Burberry Check land art installation
Eco-friendly Burberry Check land art installation in the Canary Islands, image: Burberry

Inspired by the voyages of adventurer Elsie Burberry, founder Thomas Burberry’s daughter-in-law, the volcanic grounds of Canary Islands’ El Hierro acts as the canvas to an expansive piece of land art by Jorge Rodriguez Gerada.

Burberry land art installation
Burberry land art installation, Elsie’s Voyage, image: Burberry

While complementing the rocky, undulating landscape created by frozen lava fields, the artwork is designed to work with and respect the island’s natural environment. The rich hues of the Burberry Check are created with milk-based paints that fade away with wind or water – leaving no trace and have been approved and monitored by El Hierro’s environmental department.

Betty’s Landing Place

Burberry land art in South Africa
Burberry land art in South Africa, image: Burberry

A meadow in South Africa’s Cape Overberg region blooms with the pattern of their signature emblem. Paying homage to pioneering aviator Betty Kirby-Green’s record-breaking flight from Clapham to Cape Town in 1937 – alongside co-pilot Flying Officer Arthur Clouston in a plane called The Burberry.

Burberry land art installation Betty’s Landing Place, image: Burberry

Hand planted by local groundskeepers, the Burberry Check Meadow, features a variety of hardy flora chosen under the guidance of biodiversity experts. African daises and honey-scented Elichrysum Petiolare attract birds and pollinating insects. Grown from seed to flower using only naturally sourced rainwater, the installation captures Burberry’s dedication to protect, restore and regenerate nature.

burberry land art close up overhead
The Burberry Check made of African daises and honey-scented Elichrysum Petiolare, image: Burberry

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