This Turkish Big Hair Beats Texas Big Hair by A Merhale.

big bride hair from turkey IIHIH

As a blogger who is constantly on the lookout for the aesthetically unusual to share with my readers, I was giddy (admittedly it was 3am) when I came across this instagram account with some serious BIG HAIR from Turkey. Nope, not Texas, but Turkey. I most certainly wasn’t searching for hairstyles to wear walking down the aisle, but the rabbit hole down which I’d crawled and clicked led me to hair stylist and make-up artist Eray Burhan and his salon in Turkey where he turns hair into gravity-defying sculpture on women with a penchant for Big Bride Hair.

Big Bride Hair from Turkey

Like all cultures, Turkey has their own set of wedding customs, traditions and trends when it comes to marriage. I’d heard that Turkish weddings were multiple day events whose only tradition with which I was familiar was Kına Gecesi (Henna Night) – when the hands of the bride are adorned with Henna. Is oversized frosted hair shaped into physics-contradicting sculptures another tradition?

big bride hair from turkey

Truth be told, I have no idea if these oversized, intricate and ornate hairstyles are a cultural thing, a present Turkish trend or merely unique to Bursa, where the well-manicured hair designer Eray Burhan has his salon.

Hair Stylist and Makeup artist Eray Burhan, Turkey

Nevertheless, coming across his IG account, then his facebook account and TikTok was like encountering a four car pile-up on Interstate-5, I simply could not stop looking.

Regardless of whether these make you gasp with delight or horror, there’s no disputing that Eray Burhan is an artist.

hair design bridal

Falls, extensions and pieces expertly added to real hair. Crazy curls and striped highlights held in place with crystal studded bobby pins, clips and lotsa hair spray. Most are replete with a tiara, crown or other sparkly embellishment. And then of course, there’s volume, volume, volume.

In some the hair is woven like challah and others twisted into rosettes by Burhan whose TikTok videos will give you a 360 degree look and a bunch of boomerangs with sparkly filters.

hair styles for brides

I believe the majority of these photos are of models on which he practices hair art and design for social media, trade shows, expositions and competitions, but my Turkish is a little rusty so don’t quote me on that.

All hair styles and photos courtesy of Eray Burhan, Eray Burhan (Hair design and makeup) in Bursa, Turkey

Hairstyles Eray Burhan on Facebook