Bathing Beauties. Bathroom Furniture Collections By UsTogether.

ustogether bath collections IIHIH

Formed out of a desire to do something entirely different, UsTogether bathroom collections combine the best of new British and Irish designers to produce products for the bathroom market. Here’s a look at three of their fabulous collections and some special editions.

UsTogether Bathroom Collections

The Ebb Collection
components include wall mounted mirror, shelving, sinks, sink/tub combinations and free-standing shower/sink and shower/tub/sink combinations

wall mounted tub:

wall mounted mirror, shelves, single sink and tub:

wall mounted mirror, shelves, double sinks and tub:

freestanding shower/tub/sink combination:

freestanding shower/sink combination:


The Loop Collection
components include wall mounted cabinets, shelving, sinks, mirrors, freestanding tub and chaise longue (or lounge for those not versed in furniture speak)

Special and custom designs on the Loop collection:

The Line Collection:
wall mounted mirror, sink and freestanding tub- all available with various color LED lighting

and with color changing LED lighting options for bath and sinks:

The UsTogether Bathroom Collections can be found at various high end bathroom retailers. Visit UsTogether for a list of retailers.