30 Pieces of Poignant and Uncensored Art by US War Veterans.

uncensored art by war veterans at if its hip its here
above: Autobiography (02) by Maurice Costello

In honor of Veteran’s Day, I wanted to share with you some moving pieces of sculpture and art by US War Veterans.

Poignant and Uncensored Art by US War Veterans

These 30 works are very personal and intimate art pieces from the National Veterans Art Museum in Chicago, which inspires greater understanding of the real impact of war with a focus on Vietnam. The museum collects, preserves and exhibits art inspired by combat and created by veterans. The pieces express their experiences through photography, sculpture, paintings, drawings and mixed media.

Please note: The work in this museum- and shown here- was made by veterans of war and the depictions of their experience is poignant and uncensored.

Good Morning PTSD by Christopher Arendt
Real Life Souvenirs by Jay Burnham-Kidwel
Towers (1) by Victoria Bryers
Exiles on Main Street by Elgin Carver
Title Unknown by Ronald Doc Cook
58,000 Plus by John Dell
Angel In The Desert by Marcus Eriksen
(un)clothed and in her right mind by Iris Feliciano
Aftermath by Michael Gottschalk
Orphan III by Bill Hackwell
In the Jar of Mars by Michael Helbing
Where the Publisher Meets the Writer by Jay Burton Hellwege
Tourist Photographs from Iraq – This is How I Wanted to See Myself by Aaron Hughes
Fascinating Vietnam by William Hoin
Memory of a Conflict by Louis Janetta
Blown Away by Richard Lindsay
Seventeen Months, Twenty-Nine Days by Grady C. Myers
Early Out by Scott Neistadt
Morphine, Anyone? by Neal Pollack
Mending by Scott Rogers
The Wall by Michael Rumery
Anguish by Bruce A. Sommer
Together Separately by Anthony Stetina
They Also Serve (POW) by Gary Tillery
Prayer Boots by John Turner
Head by Gregory Van Maanen
Diptych Self Portrait by Kimo Williams
This is How You Died by Richard Yohnka
Punji Trap Wound by Bernie Zawiki
Autobiography Installation by Maurice Costello

The above pieces only represent a few of the works within the museum. You can View the online collection here

God Bless all the brave men and women who give of themselves for the rest of us and this country. Thank You.

all images courtesy of the NVAM Collection Online website © 2012 – National Veterans Art Museum

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