A Turkish Electrical Engineer Creates 3D Lettering With Pens and Pencil.

3D lettering

Tolga Girgin was born in Simav, Kütahya, Turkey in 1981 and now lives in Eskişehir, Turkey.  An Electrical and Electronics Engineer in Eskişehir, he is also a Graphic Designer, Calligrapher and Typographer.

Tolga’s 3D lettering, created with  Parallel Pens , Brush Pens, and Artist Pencils gives the extraordinary illusion of type coming off of the page’s surface. Bending, breaking and flowing, his ribbon-like letters coupled with shadows have improved over the years. This is his fourth set of such work.

To give you an idea of the evolution, here are a few pieces from his third set:

A few pieces from his second set:

And from his first set:

You can try it yourself with the items below:

See more of Tolga’s impressive work here.

Thanks to the talented textile artist Ellen November for bringing Tolga’s work to my attention.