An Innovative, Beautiful Barbeque Bible for Tramontina by JWT Brazil

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Created for a Brazil-based kitchen supply company by JWT Brazil, The BBQ Bible is an incredibly creative promotional piece. Beautiful typography and design on pages literally made to be used in a real barbeque.

Barbeque Bible for Tramontina

Barbecue is a Brazilian passion, and Tramontina is the leader brand of kitchen supplies in Brazil. It has the most complete line of barbecue accessories. But the brand needed to prove just how seriously they took barbecuing in order to gain the respect and loyalty of their most important clients: barbecue restaurant owners.

As a result, JWT Brazil developed a limited edition book: “The Bible of BBQ”. This book shows Tramontina’s vision of how to make a perfect barbecue. Literally. Each page of the book was made to be used in a real barbecue and made of useful cooking materials. There’s a page made of salt to season, one of coal for fuel, one that can sharpen your knives, one in which you can wrap your food, one that is flammable to start a fire, one that doubles as a place mat, one that can be used as a tablecloth and even one that unfolds into an apron. All bound in a cover that doubles as a cutting board.

50 books have been made, with 20 given to Tramontina clients as gifts, and 30 delivered to BBQ chefs in Brazil. 2,000 more are set to be produced as simplified versions with fewer usable pages.

Creative Credits:
• Ricardo John, Chief Creative Officer (CCO)
• Fábio Simões, Head of Art
• Erick Rosa, Creative Director
• Diego Wartmann, Creative Director
• Lucas Reis, Art Director
• Sleyman Khodor, Copywriter
• Patrick Matzenbacher, Copywriter
• Lucas Tristão, Copywriter
• Fernando Duarte, Copywriter

JWT Brazil
Tramontina’s BBQ and grilling tools and products.

all images courtesy of Patrick Matzenbacher

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