Meet Two Dogs Who Are Cuter In Onesies Than Your Kids: Darren and Philip.

Staffies Darren and Phillip

Are you ready for a serious dose of cuteness? Meet Darren and Philip, the two most adorable Besties on the internet.

Staffies Darren and Philip

Already world famous thanks to articles in the UK’s Daily Mail and The Huffington Post, English Staffies Darren and Philip will melt your heart. The two adorable dogs from Brisbane, Australia are best friends, bacon-lovers and blanket hoggers.

The beautiful English Staffordshire Terriers (also known as Staffordshire Bull Terriers), who at about 35 lbs each are small for their breed, go by the name The Blueboys on Instagram. Pics of them in food comas, freshly out of the bath, cuddling in pajamas and snuggling are some of the cutest photographs you’ll ever see.

“They have an inseparable bond and will never be found more than a few meters apart” – Jennifer McLean

“It started out with actual dog clothes and then to kids jumpers and then one thing lead to another and before I knew it I was shopping in the baby section buying onesies” – Jennifer McLean

And when not dressed in onesies, towels or tucked under the covers, the two English Staffordshire Terriers are just as beautiful.

With photos like these, posted by their owner/mommy amateur photographer Jennifer McClean and fiancé Lachlan Hall, it’s no wonder the two have an enormous social media following.

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all images courtesy of Jennifer McClean via Instagram and Facebook

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