An Electric Scooter So Hip, You’ll Not Only Save Gas, You’ll Save Face.

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Electric scooters have been around for awhile, but the Ecoreco is a new stylish, intelligent, lightweight, fast, folding scooter designed specifically for adults. With a sophisticated design, a smart LED dash, the most environmentally friendly battery available and a patented folding mechanism, you can zip around without looking like a douche  – and without ruining the environment.

Ecoreco Electric Scooter

The EcoReco is a 34 lb., durable and stylish electric scooter that charges in a regular wall outlet, folds up conveniently and is equipped with an LED dashboard shows the speed, battery status, odometer trip distance & charge cycles.

The scooter uses a 36V, 8 Ah LFP rechargeable Lithium Iron Phosphate battery (said to be the most advanced high-density battery available from both a health and an environmental viewpoints), that charges quickly and holds up to 20 miles per charge.

EcoReco scooter can achieve up to 20 MPH, but can also be configured to regulate the speeds at 7mph and 12 mph.

The EcoReco goes 500 miles on $1, unlike a typical car, which only goes 5-7 miles on about $1 worth of gas.

The frame is made of air-craft aluminum and stainless steel and has a patented folding mechanism which reduces the size to 3′ x 1′ x 1/2′ to easily fit in a car trunk, an airplane’s overhead bin or slide under the seat on a train, making it optimal for commuting.

If you’re a bit spastic, it has a configurable anti-jerking feature on the throttle so you only take off when you’re ready. The two-staged brake first cuts off the throttle function, then applies braking in the rear wheel for a safe and smooth stop.

It has a brushless hub motor integrated with the rear wheel, so there are no chains or gears to worry about. And it’s the first scooter to come with solid rubber tires, so you need never worry about them going flat.

The EcoReco scooter comes in two models, the M3 for $999 and the M5 for $1250 Prices subject to change.

Each scooter is available in either premium black or blazing red and comes with one external charger.

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all information and images courtesy of EcoReco