Snarky Tea Targets Women With Attitude

While I’ve had my fill of ’empowering’ products for women, I can’t ignore the fun attitude of Snarky Tea, a line of 6 cleverly packaged and hilariously named blends of tea targeting women. How could I? The tagline is “drink your feelings.”

Snarky Tea Targets Women

With names that get right to the point, these teas don’t masquerade as high falutin’ afternoon beverages to sip with watercress sandwiches. Calm The F**k Down, FierceB*tch, Get Your A** In Bed, Get Your Sh*t Together, Namaste MotherF**ker (my personal favorite) and Wake The F**k Up, are aimed at the needs of today’s women, be them tired, hungover, under the weather, overworked or multi-tasked to the hilt.

Calm The F**k Down:

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Get Your A** In Bed

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Get Your Sh*t Together

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Namaste MotherF**ker

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Wake The F**k Up

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Founder and CEO of the company Jenni-Lyn Williams makes a point of proving, with their positive customer reviews and impressive press, that they are more than clever packaging. A working mother, Jenni-Lyn was inspired by her own daughter to start a business. With ‘sisterhood’ as her passion, she decided to build a brand to remind women how awesome they are… and Snarky Tea was born.

JenniLyn Williams, CSO (Chief Snark Officer)

We’re about strong women who are far from perfect. We’re about sisterhood. We’re about self-love no matter the shape, size, color or criminal record (no judgment, girl). We want to arm women everywhere with fun, delicious tea and a boost of confidence. A winning combination! Each of our teas comes with a love letter to our customers on the back of the tin. Why? Because we love you and you deserve it! – CEO Jenni-Lyn Williams

The six whole leaf teas are packaged in canisters containing 15 high-quality tea sachets. The tea blends are sourced through Teas Etc., a FDA registered importer and recognized leader in the evolving specialty tea industry. With a satellite office in Nanjing China, they take a firsthand look at the working and environmental conditions where the teas are grown and take pride in positively impacting the planet and industry.

All of the teas are packaged in a world-class, USDA licensed and inspected facility in Philadelphia, PA.

$12.99 each, buy Snarky Tea here

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