Pink Polyurethane Pool and Playground With Subterranean Changing Rooms

pink pool and play area

Schloss Eybesfeld is a former Austrian Castle that has been refurbished over multiple stages into rental apartments and offices. Architects Pichler & Traupmann were hired to design a pool area complete with sunbathing area, deck, play area, shower and dressing areas for the land and its tenants.

Pink Polyurethane Pool

Designed by architects Pichler and Traubmann as one complete unit, and situated outside the former castle wall at the corner tower to the park, is a large pink-polyurethane coated concrete structure that emerges from under the ground.

It’s made up of a swimming pool complete with seat ramp, deck, integrated outdoor shower and changing cubicles.

The pool, its entry and sunbathing areas; playground, seat ramp and sun deck are interpreted as zones of one single unit integrated into the lawn and coated with pink polyester polyurethane.

The below ground level emerges from the grass as a glass structure underneath the cantilevering concrete structure. This is where the changing cubicles and a shower room are arranged.

The surfaces of the pool entry and seat ramp have an undulating shape to achieve anatomically formed seat and lying hollows.

The architectural plans:

Schloss Eybesfeld

all images courtesy of Pichler and Traupmann

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