Artist Inserts Modern Architecture In Thomas Kinkade Paintings

artist onserts modern architecture into Thomas Kincade Paintings

Damn, these are hilarious. On August 17th, Architect Donna Sink issued a challenge via twitter: “does anyone do paintings of modern buildings in the style of Thomas Kincade (sic)? And one talented twitterer dared to answer.

Modern Architecture In Thomas Kinkade Paintings

For those few who don’t know the work of the late Thomas Kinkade, aka the “Painter of Light™”, his depictions of gardens, cottages, estates, cityscapes, plein airs, holiday scenery, and commemorative American landmarks have become a worldwide brand and the licensed art and products can be found in a variety of more than 16,000 retail locations. Often mocked by contemporary artists and the art community, Thomas Kinkade’s works have a bad hotel lobby feel. Sickeningly sweet and overly colorful, the dappled light paintings feature all the clichés one can expect to find in appealing to the lowest common denominator when it comes to wall art.

Deceased in 2012, Thomas Kinkade’s Studios continue to license his works.

Sink’s challenge was met by The “schtick” Haver (@nickhasthoughts on Twitter), an Indianapolis based architect with a clear sense of humor and a knack for Photoshop. He began answering the challenge by inserting Louis Kahn’s mid 1960’s box-like Fisher House into one of the Kinkade paintings, stating that it was “screaming for the eerie twilight feel.”

Louis Kahn’s Fisher House inside a Thomas Kinkade painting (originally @robyniko, now @nickhasthoughts)

His first Mash-up was met with delight on social media and soon requests were pouring in. Do Philip Johnson’s Glass House! How about Charles and Ray Eames Case Study House? Le Corbusier!

Calling them “Thomas Kinkade + Modernism mashups” he has shared them all on twitter, so now I can share them with you.

Philip Johnson’s Glass House inside a Thomas Kinkade painting (Courtesy @nickhasthoughts)
Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoye inside a Thomas Kinkade painting (Courtesy @nickhasthoughts)
The Farnsworth House by Mies van der Rohe (Courtesy @nickhasthoughts)
Frank Gehry’s Gehry Residence inside a Thomas Kinkade painting (Courtesy @nickhasthoughts)
Charles and Ray Eames’ charming Case Study Cabin the Eighth inside a Thomas Kinkade painting (Courtesy @nickhasthoughts)
Vanna Venturi House by Ted Grunewald inside a Thomas Kincade painting (Courtesy @nickhasthoughts)

Thank you to Twitter user@nickhasthoughts for the images

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