A Paper Wrapped Leica X2 Camera By Fedrigoni Paper Company

Paper Skin Leica Fedrigoni hero alt IIHIH

A nice collaborative promotional idea for Fedrigoni Paper took one of their unique and durable papers, Constellation Jade, and replaced the traditional leather wrap on the Leica X2 Camera with it, as well as creating a beautiful paper presentation box for the camera, proving that their custom made fine paper can do anything.

The world’s first Leica camera that carries a “paper skin,” it is surrounded by 15 design quality papers. The shimmering pearl embossed Fedrigoni paper “Constellation Jade” replaces the traditional leather band of the camera and becomes a part of the product. For this purpose, the paper had to meet the high quality standards that Leica Camera presents in their materials. Using a a 16-step test procedure “Constellation Jade” endured temperature changes from -40 ° to +70 ° C, as well as 400 abrasion intervals. The paper achieved excellent test results in abrasion and acetone resistance, even greater than the finest leathers.

The lavishly produced and refined packaging is reminiscent of a paper sample book, making the unpacking of the Paper Skin camera a unique brand experience. On 16 layers of fine paper, the pioneering spirit of Fedrigoni’s 125 year history in set in beautiful typography and nice graphic design. This strict emphasis on sustainability: It uses only paper – even for the accessories- and no plastic at all.

The Paper Skin Leica X2 Edition “Fedrigoni” has been produced as a limited series of 25 cameras and is available in different colored papers upon your request.

Geometry Global, Frankfurt

Maik Scharfscheer

Thomas X. Stoll

Edelmann Group

all images and information courtesy of Fedrigoni’s Facebook page.

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